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There seems to be a misconception on the internet that girls and women do not play games. I found this out one day when I was in the mood to play a dating sim and could only find ones that were boob-centric. Upon Googling "dating sims for girls", I found that an astonishing number of the hits on the first page were people asking that very question: "Are there any dating sims for girls? Where can I find dating sims for girls??"

That alone boded ill. Worse still, the replies these questions received were usually a link to one little flash game, and a response along the lines of "Girls don't play dating sims."


Friends, I am a girl.

And I play dating sims.

So, after some ranting and thinking, I decided to start this blog. It's dedicated to all the girls like me --and to ALL women--who are just looking for something non-testosterone to play on the internet. Ladies, welcome to the Girl Game Review.

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