Monday, October 25, 2010


Well, the good news is, I'm back on fast internet. Yay, Internet!
The bad news is, I have more hours at work. Boo, Work!

Still, I'll try to get back into a regular rhythm with posting; say, every 1-2 weeks. Thanks for your patience. Anyway, the "Re: Alistair" review is up, and next, I'm planning to cover Duplicity. Feel free to hurl suggestions at me for future reviews.


  1. Zeiva's otome flash game, Frozen essence, Duplicity and Castle chase?

  2. Thanks for the recs! I'm downloading Castle Chase now and will check out Zeiva's other stuff when I can. As you can see, Frozen Essence is already taken care of; and sadly, the copy of Duplicity I'd gotten crashed. I guess I'll have to find another one...

  3. I stumbled across your blog today, and have already read almost every post (I skimmed the other two). I hadn't heard of a couple of these games, despite all my searching. Yay!

    Have you heard of My Sunshine? It's kind of hidden in, but I found it to be rather good for a free online game (Flash, I believe). The artwork was better than in any other non-download girl's dating sim type game I've found.