Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Cup Of Tea II: Twins

And The Girl Game Review is back, as promised, with two reviews, starting with this one! (second will be up later tonight)

Author: Bomee
Availability: Free, Online/browser
Format: Dating Sim
Genre: Romance
Rating: Teen
My Score: 3 out of 5

Found at www.NewGrounds.com, www.Nummyz.com, or www.DeviantArt.com

My Cup of Tea II lets you play as Ari or, in the later version of the game, her twin brother Garrick. You're going away in 50 days, and this is your last chance to find love in your old town before you leave it.

Despite the name, My Cup of Tea II doesn't seem to have a lot to do with the first game. It does, however, have the author's usual fare of cuteness and occasional fourth-wall breaking. The art is fairly standard for the author's other games, though the characters seem to be taller and thinner. I kind of wish she'd quit drawing everyone with the mouse, but maybe that's just me.

It's more enjoyable than the first game, in my opinion, and definitely much more complicated. There are more suitors, more things to explore, and at least one large easter egg. A couple of components don't seem to make much sense, though; for instance, the game seems to suggest that you have to keep the dog fed and pass a test in class. These actions, while they take up HP and money, don't really seem to serve a purpose, but since I've yet to get a decent end, I may be wrong. :p

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